Leadership 101: Challenging Conversations

Leaders need to be very good at challenging conversations. We give them a map.

Leadership 101


CUBE for Conflict™

CUBE for Conflict is the foundation for Saturn’s Leadership 101 program. CUBE for Conflict was created to boil down complex models of communication into one practical, easy-to-use method that helps leaders avoid the most common mistakes in challenging conversations.

Free Survival Kit for Challenging Conversations

Avoid the most common mistakes in difficult conversations.
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CUBE for Conflict

Facilitated Scenario-Based Training

This scenario-based training is like being in a choose-your-own-adventure sitcom where you help the main character Britt navigate challenging situations. Through this course, you will learn a practical, easy-to-use method that will help you avoid the most common mistakes in challenging conversations. See a brochure for this course.

The full course is available at steep discounts for teachers and facilitators to use in non-profits and academic institutions. Contact us to find out more