About Saturn

Saturn Leadership’s mission is to build the next generation of leaders so that our children have clean water to drink and a world where they can thrive.

Saturn Leadership™ is a for-profit company (applying to be a B-corp) that offers free and premium online leadership, collaboration and communication tools and training to business and organizational leaders. Welcome to our website where you can register for both free and paid courses.

Our non-profit, Saturn Leadership Institute (no website), offers Saturn’s tools and training to community leaders, government organizations, artists, spiritual and religious organizations, and to people of all ages, nationalities, and socio-economic situations. It also processes scholarship applications for Saturn’s premium courses.

Although we offer public courses, our main focus is on training coaches and facilitators who want to bring these tools to their clients and into their communities.

The tools were developed by Saturn Leadership™ LLC. and the Saturn Leadership Institute non-profit has an indefinite license. Saturn Leadership funds the Institute through donations and revenues received from corporate clients, government agencies, and other organizations.