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Saturn Leadership™ Index 360

Hundreds of companies, including over 100 startups, have used the SLI to get feedback for their CEO and executives. The SLI’s 46 leadership behaviors have been continuously refined based on how leaders gained or lost the confidence of their teams, and the toolset is designed to create immediate behavioral change.

Using the SLI toolset, a leader will:

  • Get feedback to identify their strengths and improvement opportunities.
  • Understand the positive and negative impact they have on other people & teams.
  • Identify specific issues and be in dialogue with their peers to improve collaboration.
  • Establish 3-4 key improvement opportunities and create a detailed plan to up-level their leadership.
  • Have a full toolset to develop and practice leadership skills.

CEO & Executive Coaching

Saturn Leadership Inc. has deep partnerships with several executive coaching firms to work with CEOs and executives. Programs start at $10k.

Training for Challenging Conversations

The Saturn C.U.B.E. for ConflictT™ training was created to boil down complex models of communication into one practical, easy-to-use model that helps people avoid the most common mistakes in difficult conversations.

Our online training platform is built to be led by in-house facilitators.  We believe that internal training solutions are better than hiring external facilitators:

  • Less expensive
  • Customized to your specific culture and business challenges
  • Integrated with onboarding
  • Online and accessible to distributed work teams
  • Builds team culture

Culture Building and HR Toolsets

Creating and maintaining a team culture is one of the hardest and most intangible challenges of People Teams. A solid culture can increase productivity by at least 30% and problematic cultures creates headaches, distractions, lower productivity, morale issues, attrition, and high HR and legal overhead. Saturn believes that the key ingredient for culture revolves around setting expectations and holding people to those expectations, which starts with hiring and onboarding, but takes root in 1:1s, and meetings.

Our toolset includes:

  • In-house courses to hold people accountable to higher standards (leadership, management, & communication courses)
  • Assessments (for executives and team members)
  • In-house Embedded coaches (we hire and train coaches for your team)