Embedded Coaching

We believe the most effective way to build a highly-effective team and culture is to hire a full-time embedded coach

What does an embedded coach do?

An embedded coach is a full-time employee that works 1:1 internally.  They improve the leadership, collaboration, and performance across the organization. 

Embedded coaches sit in the HR organization and work with individuals across the organization to offer: 

  • Spot Coaching: 1:1 coaching to navigate difficult situations.
  • Leadership Development: Individual and cohort-based leadership development programs
  • Training: Group or online training programs in:
    • Difficult conversations
    • Holding people accountable
    • Giving constructive feedback
    • 1:1s
    • Meeting facilitation


We recruit and train your embedded coach to build your culture:

  • We learn about your culture and find several coach candidates that will be a great fit.
  • You interview them and hire one.
  • We train the coach in our toolsets and provide integration coaching
  • All of our tools are included in the fee.

We believe an embedded coach using our toolset is one of the best opportunities for to build your culture.

Embedded Coaches build Cultures

  • Economical – An embedded coach will drive down the costs for coaching
  • Relevant – they know your systems, people, and culture
  • Responsive – they will prioritize the most important organizational priorities and can respond to urgent situations
  • Long-term – They are a member of your team