Become a Saturn Coach

The goal of Saturn Leadership™ is to build the next Generation of Leaders. We offer free online training to coaches, therapists, and community leaders who want to use Saturn Leadership's tools.

Great for the Client

Great for the Coach

Saturn’s goal is to build the next generation of leaders. 

We offer 360 assessments and practical tools and to support coaches, trainers, and HR leaders to create immediate and positive shifts with their clients.

All our training and programs are free for coaches. The client pays for their 360 and the rest of the platform is included free. 

Benefits to using the SLI 360™ and Toolset.

  • Supports coaches in helping their clients make immediate and long-lasting improvements to their leadership
  • Gives the coach a reliable and proven system that works
  • Builds trust and the credibility of the coach 
  • Creates a foundation and structure for each coaching call
  • Establishes a larger context so that the day-to-day issues your client is facing have a greater chance of becoming learning experiences

We believe our toolset provides one of the best opportunities for your client to change and grow their leadership capabilities quickly

Executive Coaches: 

The full 360 Assessment for executives is available to certified coaches and therapists.

We focus on the 360.  You focus on the client.

  • Saturn works directly with your clients to setup the SLI 360. 
  • Some coaches run the SLI even before their first client session.
  • SLI billed to coach or directly to the client.
  • All emails, reminders, and updates are managed by Saturn.
  • Report delivered to coach by PDF and email.
  • Online toolset, library and shared documents setup by Saturn to help you work with each client–in person or remotely.